Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Dezembro on the way!

Good morning wonderful people :-)
How do you feel? December is on the way, we are almost arrived at the mid of the month, so the first christmas lights are on, the cold is coming (even if I think that in this city it doesn't exist :D) and Nico is always here, sending smiles to you all :-)
Well, after Beja and family weekends, we come back and work in our amazing spot, just in time for seeing the wonderful Baixa-Chiado full of lights, for start and buy presents (and lots of shopping as well for yourself). It was the chance for hang out with the team, before Paula left, now she is already in Galicia, Paulaaa why did you leave sooo fast? I already miss your brownie cakes... :-) So, you can be sure we are going to come to your spot, and take cakes back :-)

Galicia, wait for us :-)

So we were also in time for take another wonderful picture in Lisbon by night, pictures and memories are never too much :D 

The bombastic team em Lisboa

Sooo, actually not only Paula left, but our president Antonio flied away as well for some days, so right now I am with Olga in the office and we miss everyone; but we are creative, so Olga found out a way to be all together, not only by using skype, but a step more...

Skype meeting, distance is just a detail! :D

So, in the meanwhile I also tried to go and do shopping, I like buying only t-shirts, it could be summer or winter, if I have t-shirts I can go wherever, yeah it is my secret, or maybe the best answer when I ask myself where the money ended up... :-) sooo, actually I didn't find a lot of them, but I wasn't sad, I decided to buy something else, really useful, that also my dear Olga loves, could you imagine what? Just try :-)

Pastel de nata lover!

Yeah, I think it wasn't so hard, try and figure out about my sweets shopping. Pastel de nata, plenty of them :-)
When are you coming with me to go and eat them? Just let me know, they are waiting for us :-)

Lots of abra├žos,
Nico, Lisboa  08.12.15

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