Friday, 17 February 2017

19 weeks, 131 days, 3144 hours, 188640 seconds.

19 weeks now. Today, I feel I got in Lisbon yesterday. Yesterday, I felt it was the day before. Maybe this is the feeling you have when you like where you are; you don't even think about the time. In thirteen weeks, as I usually do, I tried to adapt, to discover and to learn. Now, the Spring is here. It is February 17th, and it is sunny and warm already. Everywhere I wanted to travel, I can go now. I used these 13 weeks to walk around Lisbon and get to know this city and its surroundings. I still have a lot to discover, and I’m excited about that. But everytime I wanted to travel elsewhere, I thought it would be better to wait for a while, as it would be more pleasant with a bright and warm friend. So, in the meantime, I am enjoying the music of this city, which is close to constant, and everwhere. Fado, Samba, Forro, Cumbia, Jazz, you name it. Everywhere you go, a saxophone or a cajón awaits. 

Two of my best friends are coming to visit next week. We will go together in Açores for a few days, to enjoy a little bit of nature. Because even though Lisbon is an easy-going city, calm, quiet, it is still a great feeling to leave it for a few days and go to the beach, hike or just enjoy the sun with friends. So i really am looking forward to it, but probably not as much as my friends who are both incredibly excited J We will still have a few days in Lisbon so I can show them the city, Sintra, maybe go to the beach too. I have the feeling my friends won’t want to go back !
Everything is also good work-wise. We applied to a whole lot of different projects, all more interesting as the other, and I hope most of them will be approved. We’ll have the answers in the beginning of April, so until then, fingers remain crossed. But not only that, we decided with the whole team to become more involved in local activities and we want to start developing them. Therefore, I am trying right now to find a place to start a monthly screening of a documentary, followed by a debate and Q&A. I think it would be a good way to sensibilize people to a lot of different subjects.  And since we are advocating for alternative education, this is the topic I want to dig. Just the simple and plain fact that there is not only one way of learning, but several. One is not inferior, or less regarded, but different. We will try to screen features approaching this issue in a historical and sociological  way. I already have a few ideas, so let’s get to it J  

Friday, 3 February 2017

time flies!

Time flies!

February has begun and it means that already 4 months passed from the beginning of this adventure.
I’m very happy to stay here and with every passing day, I’m always more and more convinced I’ve made the right choice and, who knows, maybe Lisbon could even become my home city when my Evs will end!!!
From the last time I wrote in this blog, a lot of things happened J
My parents came here for the Christmas holiday and it was amazing have them here, I guided them to discover every hidden corner of Lisbon and at the same time we visited a lot of places out of the traditional tourist’s routes outside the city.
Lisbon and its surrounding always continue to surprise me with beautiful miradouros, natural landscapes and amazing sunsets.  


At work, 2017 started with a lot inspiring ideas, good purposes and, last but not least, also new members of the team have come!
Last week we also have an amazing staying in Estoril, a really nice place about 20 km far from Lisbon, in the Atlantic coast. It was our Check- OUT: all the Check-In team met up for two days and we plan the activities coming up the next months, present how and in which sectors Check-in works to the “newcomers”, share our ideas and proposals to improve the impact of the association in our area; it was a really good experience, so inspiring  and at the same time it was a moment to build new relationships with new volunteers and reinforce our team spirit!