Monday, 17 October 2016

Let`s discover Lisbon...

My name is Antoine, I am 23 years old and I am from France.

I studied law for three years, and after a couple of internships, including one in the USA, I decided that, even though it can be very challeging, this was not the field I wanted to work in. I guess many people in my age feel the same, and it is a pretty big decision to stop and start something else, I had the chance to stay in Athens for a semester during the last year of my degree, it was really there that I started taking interest in other subjects, mostly humanities, from arts to philosophy. I then completely shifted from law, and switched to study fine arts, for a year, in Paris. This year was enlightening for me. I got to do what I wanted at that time, mostly painting and drawing. But I wanted to travel, to discover new things, new cultures and new languages. I used my time away from university to do what I loved most, mostly reading, going to the movie theater, concerts, travel and just hang out with my friends. But somehow I was looking for a new challenge, a long-time commitment that would help me grow and flourish. This is when the idea of doing an EVS struck me. I heard many good things about working in an organization, from the working environment to the contents of the missions. And, to say the least, everything was even better than my already high expectations. Even though I just got here in Portugal, I am already fond of the culture, the people, and the city of Lisbon is a great place to live. The place I am working at is full of young people like me, looking for a place to try different things, eager to learn a whole lot, and overall think differently. I think it is safe to say that I am going to have a great year, doing something I am invested and interested in, with awesome people, in such a vibrant city. What`s not to like?

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