Thursday, 1 June 2017

Midterm in Guimarães !

Last month was my midterm evaluation training, in the beautiful town of Guimarães. It is located in the North of Portugal, close to Braga where my on-arrival training took place. I have to say that the weather did not reconciliate me with the North ! It was raining almost everyday, but I guess I was just unlucky…. Anyway it was a very nice reunion, since I saw a lot of people I met last november: it was a great experience to be able to share your feelings on all those months with people who lived the same things as me, but in a different city, in a different association, and with different people. Guimarães is a really nice town, with its historical center and  its medieval architecture. We gathered (there was maybe 25 participants) together and share our impressions, our expectations and overall how we felt about the project. In my opinion it was a really helpful stay in order for me to focus on what i want to do and how. When I got back to Lisbon, I hosted a good friend of mine. Together, in addition to seeing Lisbon, Belém and Sintra (the usual) we visited the national park of Arrábida, which is really amazing. Tomorrow, I am going back to Paris for a little less than two weeks, to visit friends and family. I am very excited to go back, it’s always a very odd feeling to be on vacation in the place you come from 😊 I’ll keep you posted !

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