Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Rome to Lisboa, second part!

Olaaa! Bom dia e bom ano!
First of all, I m here for wishing you all the best, smiles, love and crazy, great moments all year long  well, how did you spend your holidays? I hope great :-)
I was back to Rome for enjoying my city and it looked like spring, so warm winter this year! I got some kilos because of eating too much, I lost some money by playing cards, I took the fever and cold (I don’t know from where, but I found it), and, moreover, I went to run the afternoon of the 1st January, the best way, to start the year…and as a present, I ate tiramisu at the end of the day, ‘’how to get back in 2 minutes the weight you lost in 2 hours’’ :-)
Yes, tiramisu, have you ever heard about it? Take a look (it’s not mine, I just eat ;) )

Rome, what can I say? I love my city, and sometimes come back and take a look of its atmosphere is great, I could be your city guide, and you will discover lots of secrets and cool places, starting from the best ice-cream shop! Don’t forget, where Nico is, sweets food are ;)

Sooo, after new year’s eve and some adventures in Rome, I came back to my other love, called Lisboa  I woke up super early and then I come to my amazing spot, where is the best team Check-IN ;) then, I also had a shower in the city, since it was a thunderstorm and I was walking just with my small umbrella…result? Fever again, so vamos beber juntos um cha!  
And so we are also starting to plan everything, planning is always the best strategy, new activities adventures and much much more ;) yesterday as well we had a fight against rain, but we were the winner, as you can see here

And now, I m wishing you bom dia and all the best, as always from me 
Cafecinho time for Nico, big hug to everyone

Lisboa, 06.01.16

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