Tuesday, 2 February 2016


I just saw the last post we published almost a month ago ! To be honest January was very busy month in our spot, a lot of new things happening in the same time, managing different projects, thinking about new ones.. it is a circle :) but as we started this blog to share our life in Check-in we need to continue! 

Winter is almost over, spring will give us more energy for writing :)

As you already know CheckIn is an association that works in different kind of project on local, national but lately mainly in international level, we are very happy to manage a lot of different things:)

Few days ago we started very exciting project LOGinEurope which is an internship that we are organising for one student from Alma University (Kazakhstan), we will support Linara for 9 weeks of her internship, hope she will like it :)

Another exciting thing is Borderline Boardgames meeting that will start next week in our spot, we will help with all the logistics for the project and provide good conditions for participants to feel comfortable and be effective in their work :)

BB games last meeting soon in Lisbon :)

Last thing very exciting is new evs person coming soon !!!! But more details about this soon....

Have an amazing week and stay warm :)

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