Friday, 6 January 2017

Happy new year :)

It now has been 3 months since I started this journey here in Lisbon. Time flies, I feel I just got there. This city keeps getting more and more interesting. Although I haven’t got the chance to travel all around Portugal yet, since I am waiting the perfect opportunity, (friends and great weather both hopefully coming soon!), I got to know more and more beautiful Lisbon. There is something quite fascinating about it, but I don’t really how to explain it. The hills, the music, the people all create this particular kind of atmosphere, and a little poetry you can feel in the air. But not only the city, I am surrounded by colleagues who, I am lucky to say, became my friends. We have been sharing great moments and conversations for a while now, and I think the bonding time has just begun ! Apart from that, the work itself is fulfilling since I can write and speak with people from all around Europe, and this sort of international interaction is actually what I was looking for when I decided to do an EVS.
I went back to France for the holidays, enjoyed quality time with my family and spent the new year's eve with my friends, in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. Even though I enjoy life very much in Lisbon, walking up and down the streets of this magnificent city, everybody needs break from the sound and the fury of such an entertaining environment. I came back a few days ago, without nostalgia and eager to see all the friends I made here. A few friends frm France are going to come visit me soon, and we will travel a bit in Portugal here and there. A great year awaits! Thank you to everybody who made this journey possible :)

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