Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Jacopo After 8 months!

My life in Lisbon still goes on, still experiencing the Portuguese culture deeper and deeper. The winter in Lisbon has been really mild, with very nice weather and temperatures above the average. This gave me the chance to wander around in Lisbon more and more, discovering new parts of the city and unexpected places, like the Belem monument, built to commemorate the Portuguese discoveries.
This picture doesn’t bring justice to the real size of monument. It’s tremendously huge!
Taking advantage from this nice weather, Lisbon can also offer more interesting places, which are in contrast to the ordinary Lisbon appearance. The Portuguese capital is not only old buildings and nostalgic streets, but it’s also modernity and future. This aspect is perfectly represented by Parque dos Naçoes, built for the Expo ’98. Far from the centre, this huge square, surrounded by trees, parks and just next to the river, wants to represent the modernity of Portugal with the union of all the nations in the world, with a flag for every country in the world.
Despite the mild weather, the Portuguese spring has been crueler, with lots of rain and wind, but Lisbon is very close to the ocean, so it’s normal to have this crazy weather J
So, what about searching for a shelter to hide from this bad weather? These shelters are Portuguese “tascas”, typical restaurant with delicious local food. Portuguese cuisine is really good and I really love it, I don’t miss anymore (almost) the Italian cuisine :P
There are a lot of options, but my favorite one is Bacalhau á Brás, simple but very tasty, one of the main dishes of Portuguese cuisine.

 But the list of Portuguese gourmet is very extensive, but there’s still a lot of time to try more food J
And now with the spring that is ending, let’s wait for the Portuguese summer! :D


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