Sunday, 14 January 2018

Jacopo - Check-In EVS Volunteer

Hello everybody! I’m Jacopo, an EVS volunteer from Italy. It’s been 3 months I’m in Lisbon and 9 more months are ahead of me.

My first impact with the city was strange. People and habits are very similar from where I come from, so it was not a big cultural shock for me. Lisbon is a peculiar city, unique in its style, with its “crumbling” charme.
Even if I came in October, the weather was really nice so I even got a chance to swim in the ocean for my first time !
During my three months I had many occasion to get lost in the city that reminds me a lot of my place.

One thing that I appreciated in Lisbon it’s the melting pot that you will find in this city. People all over the world live here, attracted by the positive vibrations of this city, so even if you are foreigner, you don’t feel this at all, instead you feel part of the world !
Another really nice thing of Lisbon are the miradouros, where you can basically see the whole city
below you.

But Lisbon is not only about having fun! My volunteering in Check-IN has been really various these months, with tasks such as sending emails, searching for partnership, local events promotion and creation and even postcard decoration.
So, let’s see what Lisbon has in store for me for the next months, waiting especially for the spring!

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