Tuesday, 17 November 2015


One of the aim of the CheckIn is to work in international projects of Erasmus Plus program. I had a chance to be part of a team during the SIMPLIFIER seminar in Beja from 12th till 18th of November. It was the second part of a project. First part took place in Orleans, France from 22nd till 30th June. Simplifier was designed for participants who want to learn and practise how to be a facilitator.

Simplifier logo :)

I already had some small experience in being a participant in Erasmus Plus projects but this time I was in a team, helping to prepare a seminar. Seeing the project and being a part of a professional team that have a lot of experience in Erasmus Plus was amazing.

From right: Toninho, Ariane, Patrizia, Nico, Paula, Sergio and me !

As it was a seminar for facilitators I got a chance to facilitate a quick workshop about feedback. It was the first time for me to facilitate workshop for such a big group. I was very stressed and excited in the same time, but I managed and it was great to see positive evaluation after :)


Being next to the group of participants and observing their process of learning was unbelievable. During just few days they accomplished many things: they facilitated by themselves some activities and wrote a guidebook for facilitators. 

This experience helped me to bond even more with my team from CheckIn, i know now we can do anything together :)

With my favourite Italian evs :)

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