Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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Nice and cool people, good morning :-)

Well, first of all, bom dia to everyone and how are you? I hope super cool and fine, another week is starting and it is full of sun and light, kind of super. The question is, is it spring or winter? Ahah the first one for sure, and it is also summer in our mind, is not it? :-)
Sooo, I am not able to finish one post, that is already time to write down another one...the time flies, yes too too fast! Well, right now that you are reading this post, our amazing Check-IN team is actually leaving for Beja, where will be go and work in the project Simplifier, from 12th till 18th of November. It will be super and just follow us, instagram, facebook, wherever you want. whenever you need...we are going to tell you all the news and more and more and more about our training, you can be sure :-)

Simplifier, Beja 12-18 November 2015

Laaast week, well it was kind of challenge trying to survive and keep an healthy mode, since everyone started to feel sick...but I did it! Maybe chocolate is really a secret of healthiness? Ahah just try and tell me about the result, maybe it works as well :-) well, this week I discovered a super nice and cool vegetarian restaurant in Baixa-Chiado, it was such a great place that maybe after writing this post I m going to have lunch there ahah ;) so, actually this week I tried different kind of food and new ''pratos'' from Lisboa and Portugal, and I like everything. I am in love with portuguese comida and bebida :-)

Arroz com mariscos...seadfood rice! 

Furthermore, it was the birthday of our special collegue and friend Paula, and we made kind of surprise, in a Polish style (so, even some days before the ''proper'' birthday, we can organize something for her), and the result was so great: cake and beer, what do you need more? :-)

Paula's birthday (we love youuu) 

Ah...let's talk about the weather. Probably you remember the wrong routine (all the week long sunny and at the weekend raining) but this last weekend it was the opposite, from friday afternoon (sexta - feira) the sun started to be less shy and come out from clouds and bright in the sky... +25 degrees in mid November, yeah it sounds cool, and it is :-)

Torre de Belem, 9 november...almost winter or almost summer? :-)

Sooo, let's go and check how it is the weather in Beja, in the Alentejo's region! Tomorrow we are leaving in order to discover another side of Portugal, in the south :-) so, preparation time and checking the last details, I hope to remember everything I need to bring, since I have really bad memory...I need Olga and Paula's help, yesss still them, the angels ahah :)
Wishing you not only a nice week, but a super one...amazing and wonderful, greetings from all the team and thank you for reading that post, I hope it wasn't boring :-) anyway, next time you should read again, maybe I ll write it in portuguese...so it won't be boring, but just funny looking at many mistakes I will do ahah :)


Cheers from Lisboa!

Abra├žos e beijinhos,

Nico, Lisboa

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  1. Ahaha Nico thanks for your words and im glad you're having a great time in Portugal, you choose the best country for your EVS ;)
    And Im waiting for your next post....in Portuguese ;)
    Have fun in Beja!