Tuesday, 24 November 2015

From Lisboa to Beja, and back :D

Olaaa amazing people, how are you? Are you still reading my post or you have already realized that they are just full of chocolate? Ahah J well, here I am for telling you about one of the most amazing experience you can do in your life, taking part in a youth project like the one we did in Beja, Simplifier (maybe you remember, your mind is more powerful than mine J). What can I say? Well everything went perfect, starting since the very beginning. As a member of the great team of organizers, we went one day before the start of the project in Beja, in order to have time for organize and also, why not, enjoy Beja one day more J

Beja, Portugal

Well, what about the project. I want to start to say thank you to Check-IN to allow me to take part in it, I had the chance to work in this field, with open minded people, with lots of competencies and experience, and this is the best for your growth. Sooo, we organize everything there, starting from the first evening/night…what is the best way to welcoming people? Yeah, go to the restaurant and eat, and then come back to the hotel and celebrate one cheers  - saude with Portuguese typical drink J

Olga, Antonio and me, Simplifier ON ;)

I like the schedule of the project, it was so interesting also see from the outside (outside inside, photographer style) the activities and how much all the participants were involved in it ;) I helped our amazing Paula (she doesn’t need any help, but I tried to help her the same) and took care also about coffee break, it is so nice taking care of people, and for doing that, I needed to try before all the food and drinks, for their safety and security, you know… :D

Welcome to Simplifier with ginginja

I also tried the ClinicaBeja in this week. I needed the help of Paula again, because few people were able to speak English, and so try to speak Portuguese and show how do you feel and what are you suffering, well it’s not so easy yet ahah J but everything went good, and now I m writing you from Lisboa, full of sun but sooo cold today (such a cold wind since last Sunday)

Me and Paula

Aaand, I even got a special surprise, as my mother and my sister come and visit me in Lisboa! It was a real surprise, just for two days but still so cool ;) we visited our office spot, and took a picture like we always do J and yes, I was like a guide in Lisboa, for our tour ups and downs in the city J aaa I love my gym, it’s called Lisboa J

Family weekend in Check-IN, me and Olga with parents and sisters :)

And so on, that s my week and I wanted to wish you a great week, with lots of smiles and sun!
Abra├žosss Nico


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