Friday, 19 February 2016

O inverno em Lisboa :-)

Olá a todosssss :-)

Here I am after a bit of time, still in Lisbon and with more portuguese skills (maybe, at least this is what I think ahah); and it is with pleasure that I am here ready for telling you about some adventures during the last weeks :-)

After spending Christmas time in Italy (and got some kilos, among tiramisu and pasta and pizza - with nutella), I came back to Lisbon during the first week of January and I started to do some sports.
Yeah, just running actually, but still is some kind of moviments, and, probably you know, what does running mean in Lisbon, ups and downs on the hills...I am almost ready for the next marathon ;)

Our amazing team called Check-IN is full of energy, power and smiles, and in January it was a sooo rushing month, because of several events, and, especially for the deadline of Erasmus plus projects.
But we did everything, we didn't sleep at all and so now I am in a little bit slow motion mode, that's why I find easier to write in english than in portuguese right now ahah :-)

As you remember, I am a sweets food lover, and so our relationship goes on. I started to eat bolo de bolocha, creme - leite and bolo de berlim, even if my secret love is still ''pastel de nata'' :-) so, we went to the chocolate festival em Lisboa, kind of magic world, as you can see and enjoy (by looking at) :-)

From heaven with love :-)

At the end of January we host a kazak super great girl, Linara, that is doing an internship here in Portugal and will stay here till April; she gave me the kazak chocolate as a gift, so since the first moment I love her :-) then, besides, few days ago came also Justyna from Poland, that will work with us as an EVS volunteer na próxima primavera e o próximo verão :-) what an amazing Equipaaa :-)

From Kazakhstan with love and sun, Linaraaa :-)

Then, this last week seemed that everyone came to Lisbon, since I met my friends from Czech Republic, Italy and Croatia and I had also the chance to take part in the last meeting of the project ''Bordeline Boardgames'', where I played several games and took lots of advices and ideas, and also discovered more about Lisbon (through a new game) and of course, by eating other kinds of bacalhau, that is still one of my favourite food here, I need to start and make it also by myself, so my next step will be also pretend to be a chef :-)

BBgames 3rd meeting: a full of experience!

Now, it is pequeno almoço time, so... who is going to join me and eating pasteis de nata? Let's meet in Avenida da Libertade :-)

Um grande abraço e boa semana,

Lisboa, 19.02.2016

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