Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What is really happening here ?

So the 6 month of my evs recently started.. Can't understand how time passes so fast. Last weeks are crazy busy here, with a lot of this happening in the same time.. But I guess that is better than being bored :)

Finally after some time I went with Nico for on-arrival training in rainy Braga. I thought training about evs cannot surprise since I am so OCD that I read everything about evs before even coming here, but actually it was more than just this. I realised few things that I forgot in the middle of being busy...

Presenting Check-In

One of this things is the base of European Voluntary Service- VOLUNTARY!
I am a volunteer, not a worker... I think you can forget this especially working in a busy organisation when everything happens so fast.. you have some tasks, you do them, then another tasks, projects, events etc.. but it is important to realise that I am a VOLUNTEER, and should take this time to be one. This opportunity is is for me, it should be all about me. 
I could try to be a little more independend, try to organise something on my own, don't be scared of failing because I am JUST a volunteer.. and this is great, this should make me feel more free and comfortable. No one can fire me if I do something wrong.. 

Flipchart was made by trainers during On Arrival training in Braga 
Second important thing that stayed in my head after some session from this training is resolving things on time. I am very bad with this actually.. When something what I do not like happens I have a hard time to express this in front of the others and I always postpone in to later and later.. and eventually it doesn't happen because no one even remembers the situation, but it stays inside of me building this ugly wall of being unhappy...

Besides great atmosphere of trainings and meeting all of the people around the world I always try to do get something just for myself like those two things that I wrote. I think this should be important in all Erasmus Plus actions, it is not only meeting different people and partying, it is not even just learning new things but it time for your own personal growth, learning something new about yourself, something that will stay with you after and it is not a massive hangover.. 

Waiting for summer




  1. Hi Olga! So nice to read your blog about Braga and the things you've realized there :). I hope you have a lot of success implementing it! Love from Algarve, Marloes

    1. Marloes Marloes !!! I am very happy that I met you there :) hope to see you again soon :)