Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Intensive time


I am Justyna ,new volunteer in Checki-in association. Taking a decision to leave everything what you have and take a deep plunge into something unknown is never an easy one. I took such a decision, left my job and decided to take one-in-a lifetime to opportunity to do my EVS in Lisbon. I am here almost two month.These months went by so quickly. 

cooking together
March was a polish month in Checkin. Intercultural JantarINho started this month. We cooked together polish ,kazakh and azerbaijani dishes, we exchanged our culinary talents , we explored our national cuisines,we had a lot of fun during preparation of dinner :) .  After the dinner we presented a few interesting facts  about Poland and Kazakhstan culture.

Schedule of training

Last week I went for on-arrival training in Braga .I spent there very productive time by learning more about EVS and youthpass with great people from different projects and organisations.I took part in different useful activities. New friends ,new ideas and energy to create my own path in EVS journey.

Team in Braga

In meantime we had time to explore Braga.:)

Porto by night

amazing sunset

After the Braga I went to Porto with my friend Linara. It is a highly atmospheric place with good vibes.View from bridge by night is amazing . We were there only two days , I will come back to Porto for sure.

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