Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Portugal spring time version

Olá nice people :-)

Every time I come back here, I realized that another month or even more is over; it is almost May, I can't believe that I came last October in here, someone deleted some months? Ahah :-)
Well, let's start from the end of February, where we had the chance to go to Braga for our on arrival training and it was a nice chance for discovering even more about the EVS programme, meet cool crazy people from different countries and, of course, travelling a bit in the north of the country ;)
Well, not only Portugal but also Galicia, the north-west of Spain, where with my super collegue Olga we were to meet our great Paula :-) what an amazing weekend, look at this picture:

View from Paula's city, Galicia (Spain)

So, are you still sitting? Just join us and come with us for the next trip in the north of Spain, let's go and meet our amazing Paula :-)
Then, the training course was very nice and great, after that I had the chance to spend few days in Rome, since I needed to solve some stuff with the wonderful bureaucracy, but I was able to spend few days and relax, taking some sun, eating ice cream and relaxing a bit :-)
PS just for make you aware of what I m talking about... :-)

Let's go, no more questions :-)

Then, March was full of events and activities, and then I spent Easter time on the beach, Carcavelos super one ;) very cool, the weather wasn't so warm but still, when you have the Ocean in front of you, organizing a pic-nic and the sun that comes out from the cloudies, yeah it is cool the same :-)

Carcavelos beach, 27 March 2016

And then it is already April, the second part of the month :-) yeah, why don't come back to Beja and exploring Alentejo region in spring time? Check-In organization was the portuguese host partner for the project ''Greentrepreneurship'', where we had the chance to meet and work with people from 4 different continents! It sounded amazing, and actually it was :-) you never stop learning, and grow every time more :-) and, as well, we learned new skills and tips about being ''green'' and respect the environment, that is the most important thing :-) here we are:

The amazing group from all over the world :-)
So, since now it is almost time to have coffee break, you are welcome to join me and let's go a drink a galao together ;) big hug if you were able to read all the post and didn't give up before, you have got a drink when we meet :-)


Nico, Lisboa

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