Thursday, 12 May 2016


we are almost in half of our EVS journey,at the end of april we took part in mid term training in Braga.. Through the tasks we got to know more about EVS and this was also a good opportunity to get to know new people.This time we talked about what we have done during our project,learned about methods and project implementation and  what plans we have after the EVS. Diffrent people with diffrent ideas.We shared our experience.It was really inspiring training! :)

mid term training

one of our activity

In one of the sunny weekend we had the meeting of partners in Costa da Caparica.We shared
experiences and knowledge ,we talked about the present and planed the future of Check-in. After planning there was a time for exploring beautiful beach in Caparica.The tradicional portuguese dinner was prepared by our amazing chef Margarida .Bacalhau was delicious! :) Cant't wait for your  pasta during Italian dinner in Check in.

brain storming

Our activity -team bulding .  Thank you Margarida father 's for organizing interesting activities! I enjoyed a lot :) .Besides it is  always nice to move on open air.          

sunny Caparica
 Let's see whats  another weeks will bring to my fantastic adventure! J         


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