Monday, 30 May 2016


We decided to start new section in our blog which is EVS SENDING, here very soon you will find posts and stories of future EVS volunteers that we are currently preparing for few different projects we are partners with :)

It has been almost a month since Joao Miranda left Lisbon for his EVS in Dresden, Germany. We are hoping everything is great out there and Joao is improving his graphic design skills in Jugend- Kulturprojekt e.V.

Olga and Joao after preparation meeting:)

Besides project in Germany we found volunteers that will go to Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and we are still looking one person for a project in Spain and one in Italy, if you are interested in finding more informations go to our website

Signing the EVS agreement with Miguel that is going to Estonia
Some time ago we organised EVS info day to gather all interested in European Voluntary Service that are seeking for more information, it was harder that we thought because still the idea of EVS is new to a lot of people, but that's why our office is always open for volunteers to come and talk, the same as Luzia and Ana did: 
Thank you for great meeting
Besides helping in finding the project for volunteers and sending them it is very important for us to be  present and supportive during the whole EVS period. EVS besides being the greatest adventure of your life is a well big changing process and it is good to have someone to talk to and share your thoughts :) 

For everyone that is interested in EVS please do not hesitate to send us an email: and we will help you starting your big adventure :) 



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