Thursday, 19 May 2016

Maio on the way!

Olá a todos e bom dia :-)

Here I am once again, it is time to write the blog, and write down lots of eventssss we are living :-)
Well, what happened in the last month? Plenty of things, that's the right answer!
After our training course in Beja (where Check-In was the host organization) and the mid-term evaluation in Braga (a training that is mandatory for everyone that is doing the EVS programme), we came back to Lisbon and...we didn't stop, of course :-)
We went to discover the wonderful beach and side of Caparica, that is half an hour by bus from Lisbon. Even if it was raining all April long, we were pretty lucky and our weekend was full of sun :-) we had a great weekend with our organization, with the team, members and great people, from sharing new ideas for the upcoming future, to have a nice dinner together, with a special chef, our Margarida :-)

Sunset na Costa de Caparica, 30 April '16

Then, the start of May and so, you expect that finally summer is coming, yeah but not in Portugal ahah :-) rain again, the sun is so shy in here :D then, the first week of the month my family came and visit me, it was nice to act like a ''proper'' tourist guide in the city and in the surroundings :-) so, we went to Belém (it is always the right moment to go there and eat a fresh pastel de nata in the best spot for it), Cascais and explore even a bit more, just three days but full of travels and things to do!

Here and there in Lisboa :-)

It was also nice to go and take a look at Cascais, nice city on the coast, 40 minutes by train from Lisbon; could you understand why? :-)

Cascais in afternoon version!
So, beside being tourist guide in Portugal, we also going on with our work about the international projects, since Check-In organization is partner in a lot of upcoming Erasmus plus projects, and so we organized a preparatory meeting for the training course ''EuroACTive'' that is going to happen in Serbia these days; it is always great to meet with motivated people ;)

Training course ''EuroACTive'' preparatory meeting, ON!

Aaand, summer is coming so we need to be more sporty ''mode'', that s why I started to go and run and doing sports :-) last weekend I went and took part in the ''colour run'' in Cascais (actually Carcavelos beach to Cascais and back): even if the sun was still hidden, we had a colourful evening with nice people and run...and, at the end, apple cake...the best way to recover your energy after sports, it is recommended in each diet, sure ahah :-)

Colour run, super team :-)
Big hug and let s get ready for the summer, hopefully will come soon :-)
Super abraço

Nico, Lisboa

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