Monday, 11 July 2016

Ana going to Slovenia :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Ana Proença and I’m about to embark on my EVS adventure in Velenje, Slovenia. 

Out of the blue I found myself at my last year of School and started to wonder about my next step. Should I pursue a Masters? Start to work? Take a year off? It was time to evaluate the several scenarios.

Going abroad for one year while doing volunteer work was something that I had dreamed of for quite some time, yet I always thought that I couldn’t afford such experience. I couldn’t be more wrong when I found out about EVS, an incredible program that I hadn’t heard about before.
First meeting in Check In with Olga- coordinator of EVS
At the moment I am feeling a mix of emotions: saudade (yes, already), excitement, nervousness, utter happiness and so on. 

But so far the biggest challenge prior to departure will be packing! I guess I will be forced to only take with me the simple bare necessities! 

A few days ago, I had with some other volunteers a pre-departure training and it was a great opportunity to exchange fears and doubts, as it is okay to feel nervous and even a little bit afraid. Through the training it made me realize that we are all in the same boat and I’ll get the chance to meet others along the way who are too.  
Signing the Activity Agreement - it is offical

Looking forward to arrive in Slovenia next Monday!


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