Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Being an EVS volunteer and working in coordinating EVS projects makes you reflect even more on the process itself and it affects (in a good way) preparation of the volunteers. 
Having small trainer experience I decided to prepare a one day pre-departure training to the future EVS volunteers that Check In is sending for projects.

Working mood :)
Before designing the training I asked all future hosts organisations what preparation do they expect and based on this and my experience in what preparation I got before I prepared the training that was based mainly on those topics: 

● Erasmus+ programme, European voluntary service, non- formal education
● Concept of volunteering 
● Rights and responsibilities of different actors in EVS project (Volunteer, SO, HO, CO)
● Learning objectives on personal and proffesional levels (including Youthpass)
● Motivation and expectations on own volunatry service
● Self – initiative
● Intercultural learning and individual learning process 
● Cultural shock and support system during EVS
● Practical issues (How to use the Insurance (CIGNA, European Health card), traveling, security etc.) 
● Linguistic support - OLS or local course
● Conflict management during the EVS 
● Follow up activities after project implementation phase

All the training was very easy going, the volunteers were very active and they shared a lot about their projects, expectations and fears towards moving to another countries  They were so well informed already about all the practical issues that I think they would do great without me :)

I think a good preparation (of sending organisations and by volunteers itself) it is a 50% of project success. I am very happy I could be involved in this process and assist volunteers in their future journeys. 

I had a lot of time to reflect about my own project and the fact that is ending soon, it is time for evaluating my competences and qualities that I gained during this year and start thinking about new adventures :)

With the amazing and brave volunteers :)



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