Friday, 1 July 2016


This month we've celebrated Santo António -patron of Lisbon. This time Lisbon offer a full of entertainment activities and street parties.The main activities are in concentrated in the tradicional
neighbourhoods from Alfama to Castelo.
Before going to Alfama we have met in Martim Moniz to find out more  about Santo Antonio his life and history. It turned out that the quiz was not so easy :)After with knowledge about Santo Antonio we colud proper start  our amazing night in the colorful streets of Lisbon :)

Love Lisbon :)

One of the best part of festas Santo António is eating sardinhas :). First time I tried grilled sardinhas in Portugal and were very delicious.I dont know how many I ate :)but for sure it was a lot !


Crowded street it is sign that the festas is there. Life concerts ,people dancing  in the street ,tradicional pimba music. It is essential of  magic nights in Lizbon.If you have the  energy after the festas head out in the early morning sunshine to walking through the now deserted streets of Portugal's capital.

festas in Alfama

Of course, I cannot say anything about Euro 2016 :).Portuguese people love football.The biggest fun zone is in Praça do Comércio .There you can feel football fever.! Good atmosphere and many emotions :)
Portugal is in semi-finals! Congratulacions and good luck for the future match :)

Praça do Comércio


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